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Knockout 2019

The 2019 knockout draw will be published soon.

Below a recap on the rules.


1. The KNOCKOUT will be flown on races that counts towards the OPEN series averages. This includes the Yearling National and Derby.

2. If there are two races on the same day that counts towards OPEN averages – then the first race will be used for the KNOCKOUT.

3. All members flying the OPEN series will participate. Juniors excluded. The weekly draws will be done by allocating a random computer generated number to each participant. The list will then be sorted numerically and groupings done that way. No human will decide who participates against who. It’s all random – the luck of the draw.

4. If there is an unequal number of participants, the left over member will have a “bye” for that week. No member can have a “bye” two weeks in a row. 

5. The member with the highest velocity in the KNOCKOUT race will KNOCK the other member out of the competition and move to the next round.

6. Rounds will continue until there are only two members left for the final round. Winner takes all.