Member result download (2021)

This option allows you to create your season’s consolidated results for all races combined. You will get two formats created – a PDF for viewing or a CSV if you want to import into your spreadsheet software.

Steps to download member results for the season:

  1. Select your loftname/loftnumber
  2. Click ‘Create result PDF’
  3. A link will be created at the bottom “Click to view PDF file for loftno: ” – click on this link and a PDF document will open with the selected data. There is also a link to the CSV file if you want to download and import in to Excel etc.

Example usage: You want to see pigeons that scored top 100 position in the union. Select ‘100’ from union dropdown. Select ‘Include All’ from division dropdown. Select ‘Include All’ from club dropdown. This will create a PDF file with your pigeons that scored top 100 union.


Gauteng Pigeon Union results
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